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NOVA: Fire Wars

Starring: Stacy Keach Director: Kirk Wolfinger

Product Description:
Every year, thousands of men and women wage America's war on fire in our majestic wildlands. Armed with special training and the best technology, and with their hearts full of determination, they battle the blazes. But in spite of all their efforts, we are not winning the fire wars.

Fire Wars offers an up-close look at the war on wildfire—-a war so intense, you can feel the heat!

World Trade Center
(Widescreen Edition) (2006)

Starring: Nicolas Cage , Maria Bello Director: Oliver Stone

Product Description:
"World Trade Center is a film about heroism and the best in all of us," raves Good Morning America's Joel Siegel. Academy Award winner, Nicolas Cage stars in the unforgettable true story of the courageous rescue and survival of two Port Authority policemen who were trapped in the rubble on September 11, 2001 after they volunteered to go in and help. Academy Award winning director, Oliver Stone reveals an intimate look at the events of the day as seen through the eyes of the survivors, their families and their rescuers.

Fires Of Kuwait (IMAX)

Product Description:
After Saddam Hussein had the Kuwait Oil wells lit up, teams from all over the world fought those fires for months. They had to save the oil resources, as well as reduce air pollution. The different teams developed different techniques of extinguishing the fires. From TNT-shockwaves blowing out the flames to Tank-mounted twin MIG-jet-engines (from Hungary) blasting away the flames (and nearly lifting the tank into the air), man's emergency creativity can be seen at it's best.

Brotherhood: Life in the FDNY

Utilizing small hidden cameras, Foster's riveting documentary accompanies Brooklyn's Squad 252, Queens' Rescue Company 4, and Manhattan's Rescue Company 1 as they save lives and struggle for their own livelihoods, resulting in a thrilling behind-the-scenes portrait of a truly noble, yet increasingly underfunded, profession.

  • Released: Aug 9, 2005
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Rating: Not Rated

Ultimate Firefighters

  • Rating: n/a (extemely graphic scenes - not for children!)
  • Studio: Brentwood/Bci Eclipse
  • Released: August 25, 1998
  • Format: VHS

Firefighters In The Sky

Aerial fire fighting is some of the most dangerous flying a pilot can do. And "Firefighters in the Sky" takes you into the air and over the heart of some of California's largest wildland infernos to show you how it's done.    Run Time: 60 minutes     Format: VHS     Released in: 1995

Great Fire Movies

Includes 3 Classic Fire Films:
A Dangerous Summer
Fire Alarm

Format: DVD
Run Time: 231 minutes

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"One breath of oxygen and it explodes in a deadly rage."
2 Disc Special Edition (1991)

Plot Synopsis: A rookie firefighter tries to earn the respect of his older brother and other firefighters while taking part in an investigation of a string of arson/murders.

This detailed look into the duties and private lives of firemen naturally features widespread pyrotechnics and special effects.

The Bravest

This DVD contains two episodes of one of the best television shows ever.

From one reviewer: "... the bonus features showed some runs with Jersey City Fire Department (FDJC) in the promo that didn't make it onto the final copy. Overall it was good, especially the memorial portion. "

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Backfire (1995)

Plot Synopsis: Just as Jeremy Jackson attempts to become the first male firewoman in New York, fires begin mysteriously erupting from toilets all over the City and Fire Marshal Marc Marshall is called in to investigate.

Actors: Kathy Ireland, Telly Savalas, Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters

Format: VHS

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Last Alarm (1940)

Great movie with a lot of really impesive fire footage.

synopsis: When Jim Hadley retires from the Fire department, he hardly knows what to do with himself, he's 65 you see, and the fire department kicked him off because of his age. But when an arsonist lets loose on the city, Jim is at first reluctant to going back into firefighting, but caves in when his best friend on the force dies. The race is on to find the arsonist before it hits too close to home!

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The Greatest Job Ever: Your key to the top of any fire department hiring list

This three-disc interactive DVD course guides the fire service applicant through the difficult process of getting a fire service job in the United States, covering how to pass the written, psychological, video-based assessments, and medical screenings, how to prepare for the physical agility test, and how to pass the oral boards and shine in the chief’s interview. The set also contains two mock oral boards to practice and refine your new skills.

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Brothers in Battle

BROTHERS IN BATTLE shows what it means to be a firefighter in today's world. From the nightmarish daily battles with arson, to a desperate rescue attempt after a terrifying plane crash in the freezing waters of the Atlantic, the only constant in their work is danger...

Format: VHS     Release Date: July 27, 2001
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how to become a firefighter

I Want To Be A... Firefighter (2005)

Do you want to become a firefighter? If so this is the DVD for you.

Explore the day-to-day activities of a firefighter, take a look inside a fire station, and review the process for how to become a firefighter in the I Want To Be A… Firefighter DVD. Today's heroes talk about the responsibilities of their job, the challenges and rewards, and provide advice to aspiring firefighters.

Chapter Listing
1. History of Firefighting
2. What Does a Firefighter Do?
3. Overview of the Fire Station
4. Climbing the Ladder (Fire Department Organization)
5. How Do I Become a Firefighter?

Bonus Material
1. Challenges & Rewards of Firefighting
2. Fire Safety Tips
3. Firefighter's Prayer
4. History of the Maltese Cross

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I believe this was originally an ABC movie of the week from 1973. It got some pretty good reviews on Amazon. To read all the reviews, just click the link below.

Only 2 left in stock--order soon.

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In paying simple tribute to firefighters, Ladder 49 gets to the heart of those who risk their lives for a living. Director Jay Russell brought similar sincerity to his memorable family favorite My Dog Skip, and despite the banalities of an ultra-conventional screenplay by Lewis Colick, Ladder 49 generates so much goodwill toward its Baltimore firemen that you may find yourself unexpectedly overcome with emotional appreciation for guys like Jack (Joaquin Phoenix), a firefighter whose career, courtship, marriage, and fatherhood are viewed in flashback as he struggles to survive in the present-day framing scenes, cut off from his fellow firemen in the fiery guts of a collapsing 20-floor building. There are no surprises in the familiar scenes of male bonding, dangerous rescues, injury and death, and the supportive concern of Jack's wife (Jacinda Barrett), but by focusing on the simple integrity of Jack's personal and professional commitment, the movie gives Phoenix a showcase for unselfish virtue, while John Travolta provides dignified support as Jack's mentor and devoted firehouse captain. Ladder 49 is routine in most respects, but it's a much-deserved valentine to working-class heroes. --Jeff Shannon

EBERT & ROEPER "Two Thumbs up!"

The Firemen's Ball
Starring: Jan Vostrcil, Josef Sebanek Director: Milos Forman

Plot Synopsis: The story is about a party a the firehouse that preoccupies the firemen so much that they barely notice the alarm for a nearby fire. The film is intended as a comedy and has some great slapstick humor in it.

DVD Release Date: February 12, 2002
Run Time: 73 minutes
Subtitles: English

This film was BANNED in Czechoslovakia and
prompted the directors move to America!

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