Country: Canada

State: Alberta

Fire Dept: Fort McMurray Fire/EMS

Year Started in Fire Service: 2005

Rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: I've watch the TV show "inked" and always wanted to get a tattoo done by them. I went on Vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii and was walking around on Waikiki Beach and there is was, Hart and Huntington.

They were having their big grand opening - they flew out the whole gang from their Vegas location to help open and promote the new shop. I got to meet them all and was lucky enough to get ink work done by the amazing Lacey. It was just like in the tv show, she said, "give me 45min and i'll have something drawn up" and she did. a perfect beautiful
drawing from scratch. 6 hours later, there you have it.

Tattoo Location: Right Arm

Year Inked: 2007

Studio: Hart and Huntington, Hawaii

Artist: Lacey

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