Amy Drouin

Country: United States

State: Connecticut

Fire Dept: Somers Fire Department

Years on job: 14

Rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: I've wanted a tattoo like this for many years. I'm a firefighter/EMT and wanted to combine the 2 jobs into 1 tattoo. I'm also very Irish, so I went with the Celtic maltese cross design. I had a difficult time deciding the location to put it on my body.f...I didn't want to do the usual female "low back" area.

I'm very please with how it came out. If I get real crazy, I may add Angel wings to it on my shoulder blades, lol.

Tattoo Location: Middle of shoulder blades

Year Inked: 2007

Studio: Full Sail Tattoo Studio

Artist: Tim Sullivan

© 2007