Danielle McCormack

Country: Canada

State: Alberta

Fire Dept: Searchmont Volunteer Fire Dept

Year Started in Fire Service: 2001

Rank: Captain

Description: I recently moved across Canada to pursue a career in the fire service and in that process I lost my mother who was a fire fighter for many years (both of my parents where very deicated to the fire service). When we had her funeral I was very proud to be a fire fighter my self because of all the honour the fire fighters in the community showed. So I deiced that a tattoo would show everyone who meet me though the rest of my life would know how much firefighting means to me and my family. I live and breath for the fire service industry and I would love to pass on my knowledge to others.

Tattoo Location: lower back

Year Inked: 2008

Studio: Archangel Tattoo (Edmonton, Canada)

Artist: Tony


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