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Matt Cooper

Country: United States

State: Ohio

Fire Dept: Findlay

Year Started in Fire Service: 2000

Rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: Ever since I became a professional fire fighter I have always wanted to show the pride of being a Union fire fighter for the best organization in the United States of America.

I went through some tough times, and the I.A.F.F. was there for me every step of he way. Along with my brothers in the fire service and the I.A.F.F. we fought a tough battle, and in my opinion we won.

I wanted to show my appreciation for the very people that work day after day to make our jobs a little safer, and a little better. Thanks President Schaitberger for all your staff and everyone's hard work. Every fire fighter should truly appreciate everything you do!

Tattoo Location: Right Upper Arm

Year Inked: 2008

Studio: Tattoo Bills

Artist: Will "Snake" Mager



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