This very original tattoo belongs to Franklin Wilson (a.k.a. Lt Jacko) who is with the Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Fire Department in Washington state.

Professional Firefighters of Kitsap County, IAFF Local #2819

Tattoo Shop & Artist: Silver City Tattoo/ Chris Henry, Tattoo Artist

" This was my first tattoo! This design was created by fellow union brother, Sascha Ebert, who is one hell of an artist, and has become our locals’ tattoo designer. The pumpkin head comes from my original nickname of Lt. Jacko (I have a rather large cranium!) and of course coupled with my union affiliation… This tat made perfect sense. Chris Henry did a fantastic job of taking this design and putting it to ink. 4 hours later, I proudly wore my first and definitely not last tattoo."

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