Jay Shinkar

Country: Canada

State: Ontario

Fire Dept: La Salle Fire and Rescue

Year Started in Fire Service: May 2003

Rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: I had always wanted to get a tattoo that was fire related. In my family most of the men were police officers. I chose a different career path. My Grandfather was a police officer for the same town I serve now. I looked up to him with great admiration and my one goal was to become a firefighter before he succumbed to his cancer; I did.

I was hired on to a volunteer/Ft. department where I still work today. My grandfather fought for life in his end, never showing weakness. He was a father figure to me growing up when I had no one to look up to. To remember him I had a maltese cross with fire memorabilia and his service badge put together. The french term (pepe)-grandfather and his years of life are also placed in the cross.

Tattoo Location: Middle upper back

Year Inked: 2007

Studio: Advanced Tattoo Studio

Artist: Jeremy


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