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Tattoo of the Week
December 08, 2009

Neil Weglarz

Country: United States

State: Iowa

Fire Dept: West Des Moines

Year Started in Fire Service: 2005

Rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: My father was a Captain for the Harvey Fire Department, a south suburb of Chicago.  He passed away on July 15, 1995 while getting ready to go onto shift.  This tattoo is in memory of him and all the lives that he touched.  He is still remembered and missed by all of his Brothers at the Harvey Fire Department as well as his family.  In this tattoo I have the initials of my dad's department as well as the department that I am on since I am second generation firefighter.  Dad, we love you!

Tattoo Location: Back

Year Inked: 2009

Studio: Tainted Skin - Crown Point Indiana

Artist: Rob Farinelli


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