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Tattoo of the Week
March 25, 2010

James Brinkley

Country: United States

State: Florida

Fire Dept: Columbia County Fire Rescue

Year Started in Fire Service: 2003

Rank: Other

Description: I Have Been working in EMS as a EMT/Paramedic since 2003 with Columbia County EMS and in 2008 we Merged with the county fire dept to become Columbia County Fire Rescue and was given the opportunity to become a firefighter. After completing fire school, my wife gave me the go ahead and the funds to get this tattoo for my birthday and graduation. Me and Matt worked out several design tweaks to get it the way we were both happy with it and the results of this guys generous hands were awesome! I wanted the elements of the flag and eagle surrounding the Maltese Cross to show my love of country and then the Maltese Cross and Star of life for my new career as a firefighter.

Tattoo Location: Right Calf

Year Inked: 2010

Studio: Ricky G's Tattoo Imporium

Artist: Matt Baroni


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