(updated tattoo sent into us in 01/06 )
Ed Grossheim

Country: United States

Fire Dept: Melrose Fire Dept - Engine Co. 2

State: Massachusetts

Years on job: 19

rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: A work in progress... the maltese cross was recently inked
around the existing skull and helmet. Next will be the crossed axes
beneath the cross.

Tattoo Location: Right upper arm
Year Inked: 2005
Studio: Tattoos by Mike
Artist: Mike Giordano

(oringinal tattoo sent to us in 2005)


Description: I wanted to show solidarity with my bros at engine 2. The tat is a work in progress, with more to be added soon.

Tattoo Location: Right upper arm

Studio: Mr. Bill's Tattoos, Laconia NH

Artist: Keith

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