Mathew Bilts

Country: United States

State: Connecticut

Fire Dept: Canton Vol. Fire and EMS

Year Started in Fire Service: 2006

Rank: Firefighter (private)

Description: I remember growing up always being around firefighters and running to the local fire station when the tones dropped so that I could see the trucks leave. When I was in high school, I sat there for the entire day and days after 9/11 watching as the events unfold, watching the firefighters going in and out and then seeing the towers collapse, killing all of those brave soles. Ever since then and since I became a member of my local fire department, I wanted to get a memorial tattoo. I finally went this past summer and got it done.

Tattoo Location: Left Arm

Year Inked: 2008

Studio: Greenman Tattoo Studio

Artist: Jay Kelly

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