This awesome FDNY Company patch belongs to Bill Butler with FDNY Ladder Co. 6

The Dragon Patch was inked at Skin Flix Tattoos Northampton, Pa. Artist- John Flag.

The 9/11/01 & Company,God Country was inked at Mean Street Tattoo Houston St. New York.

" NY Dragon Patch is FDNY Ladder Co. 6 patch. This I've had for a number of years, it was actually being done around the time Flight 800 crashed off Long Island. A tough way to remember when it was done. The tattered flag, 9/11/01 and Company, God & Country was added after 9/11/01. The members of Ladder 6 decided I needed some new ink, a memorial to 9/11, after I and 5 members of my company survived the collapse of the WTC in the B stairwell of Tower 1. We were able to escape after 5 hours of entrapment. Company, God, Country was written on the remains of Engine 9 (housed with Ladder 6), by FF Pete Blaich E-9, after the WTC and after what we had been through"



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