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This very original back piece was sent to us by it's collector, Frank Osnato from the Elizabeth Fire Department NJ

"I got my upper back done when I first got on the job about 12 years ago.I did not get another fire dept tattoo for a few years then I decided to get some color so I got Taz fighting the dragon. Then I was not sure how to finish my back for a while, but after working in the fire house on Sept 11th and going to help out at ground zero in the days to follow it made me think ,but as soon as I saw the picture of the fire fighter and the angels I knew what to get. But a few months later I saw the picture of the fire fighter again but it was made from ice the angels looked more detailed so I put the 2 pictures together .I went to get it done and my tattoo artist moved to key took me up till July to find some one new to do the work but I think my looking paid off I think it came out well."


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