My name is Ken Biron, I am a 13 year veteran with the city of Woonsocket, RI. I have been on rescue 2 here in the city for roughly 9 years with the last 2 of them being a lieutenant on the same truck. The reason I got this tattoo was my ex-partner, and officer for the first 6 years while I was on rescue had to retire due to cancer. It has taken a toll on him.

As soon as I made Lieut. and left him for another shift he was diagnosed with "Renal Cell Carcinoma" which is cancer of the kidney which also mets to his lungs, and now everyday is a struggle for him. When I told him I wanted the same one (tattoo) he has he felt honored to let me do it.

I also added to the bottom of it FDNY 343 so as to never forget those brothers who never made it home that day. My ink work was done by Bob Lindell of Renaissance Tattoo here in Woonsocket, RI. Thanks for the great web site and keep up the great work.


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